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Financial Modelling & Fundraising

Our skilled finance experts will help you create detailed financial projections and raise capital so you can keep your vision moving forward.

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Financial Projections

Having an accurate financial projection can not only help you raise capital, it is the only way to validate the viability of your business. We create detailed financial models so you know where your business stands

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Knowing what metrics matter is our specialty. Let us set up data tracking on all your financial operations so that you can accurately see where you need to work on your finances

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Accounting System setup

Accounting processes can make or break a business. We set you up with all of the industry's best practices so that you're not leaving your business's finance to chance.

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Fundraising Capital

Let us use our years of experience to help you package your business in a way that's attractive to banks or VC firms and Angel Investors. We've helped raise millions in funding for our clients

Grant Opportunities

Applying for grants can be time-consuming and that's if you know where to find the ones that apply to your business. Our team has successfully applied and been accepted for several grants on our client's behalf.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

If you're looking to scale or exit your company, our team can help ensure that you're getting the best deal in any merger or acquisition of your business or one that will support your growth

The overall viability of your company depends on the flow of finances in and out of the business. Mistakes in this area can result in the total financial collapse of your business if the proper systems are not in place. 


We will help to create accurate & insightful projections & business models. THEN we will help you achieve these KPIs/targets through effective execution & financial scrutiny. We will also help to raise capital in the most efficient way from both traditional sources such as banks, leasing companies or venture capitalists in the form or debt or equity depending on the client's needs.

Finance - 

  • We will help to create accurate & insightful financial projections & business models 

  • We will help you achieve these KPIs/targets through effective execution & financial scrutiny

  • We will help set up your accounting systems and controls

Fundraising -

  • We will help you seek out fundraising opportunities such as bank loans, VC/ Angel investors, crowdfunding, and more.  

  • Our team will work with you to create a winning pitch deck to attract investor

  • We will help broker partnership agreements or mergers and acquisitions

  • We will watch for grant opportunities that your business qualifies for

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