Remote Hiring & Management

Our skilled Human Resource experts will help you set up your HR processes for maximum success. 

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Organizational Structure

We will examine your organizational structure to establish what roles are needed and where for maximum efficiency and workflow.

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Ideal Employee Profile

Once we identify key roles in your organization, we create an ideal employee profile with roles, responsibilities, deliverables, and salary range.

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Recruiting & Vetting

Recruiting can be time-consuming, especially if you want to vet candidates properly. Our recruiting specialists will hunt down and screen the perfect candidates for each position in your organization.

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Having a training process can streamline onboarding and save you valuable time and avoid mistakes due to knowledge gaps. We can create tailored LMS employee training for each position in your organization

Employee performance

In order to properly assess your staff's performance, we help you set up employee management and review systems so that you know where your labour dollars are going.

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Employee Retention

Employee turnover is costly and leads to a never-ending learning curve. Avoid expensive turnover by making sure you're providing a great working environment. We help create employee retention programs to reduce turnover.

Finding qualified employees is a challenging task and hiring the wrong people can be disastrous. We can take off some of the burdens by identifying key roles within your organization and narrowing down the perfect candidates. Here are some of the ways we can help you with the hiring process.

Development - 

  • We will create an organizational structure plan to identify your skill gaps

  • We will help you establish a labour force budget and hiring plan

  • We will create targeted roles, responsibilities and minimum requirements for each position to determine the salary range

Recruiting -

  • We will create and post job postings on your website and job boards

  • We will use our recruiting network to target and onboard ideal candidates for your key roles

  • We will screen and vet employees to save you time and ensure you have the best possible candidates

Retention -

  • We will create an employee performance review process

  • We will help you set up your payroll and HR systems

  • We will help you set up an employee incentive program

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